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Hello everyone. Welcome to our Human Physiology web page. Our names are Lindsey and Tori. We are both in our 2nd year in the
Occupational Therapy Assistant program at LATI.
We will graduate with our Associates Degree

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in May of 2010. To the side is a list of the
topics we were given for the assignment.

We have found some resources that


will hopefully help you understand

the topics better.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy helps people cope with disabilities, disorders, and diagnoses so they can have a "normal" life. We focus on out patients daily and functional activities such as helping them with their everyday activities. We concentrate on mental and physical aspects of our patients daily lives. There are two different approaches we could take when working with our patients. One approach is called the rehabilitation approach. In this approach, we focus on helping the patient rehab back to the point they were at before the onset and the beginning of occupational therapy. The other approach is called the compensatory approach. In this approach we find ways for our patients to adapt to their disability or disorder. For an example, when a person can not grasp a fork or a spoon because they can't bend/flex their fingers, we make the handle bigger so it's easier to grasp it. Occupation = Purposeful activity. We want to make sure our patient feels that the therapy session has meaning.

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