What is Urology?
Urology is a specialty that focuses on the urinary tracts in males and females and reproductive systems in males. Organs include the kidney, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra.
The circulatory system is responsible for the trasport of fluids but not for the composition of the fluids. This function is done by the kidneys. The kidneys help with physiological functions. Their main role is the removal of wastes and the maintenance of the body's water balance. Here are some more functions of the kidneys: Control of the body's water balance; regulation of blood pressure; regulation of blood electrolyte balance; excretion of wastes such as urea or creatine; help in the regulation of the body's acid base balance; and they also help in the production of vitamin D.
Renal System
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How does Urology apply to Occupational Therapy?

OTA's would first need to find out what the Patient is having difficulty with. Are they having difficulty with Bladder Control? Kidney Failure? Weakness in legs? If they were having issues with Bladder Control we would discuss the need for a Catheter or Under Garments. If they needed a Catheter we would discuss how to keep it clean. If different Under Garments were needed we would discuss the importance of Skin Care. If the Patient was having Kidney Failure we would discuss Medication Management and Emotional Regulation Skills if they were placed on Dialysis. If the issue was weakness in their legs we would discuss different adaptive equipment such as, a Walker, a Grab Bar, or a Raised Toilet Seat.

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