What is Cell Physiology?
Cell Physiology is the biological study of the cell mechanism and interaction in it's environment. Physiology refers to all of the normal functions that take place in a living organism. Cell Physiology is also decribed as the transport of membranes, neuron transmission, and muscle contraction. This covers almost everything that occurs in the human body. Many disease and disorders could occur if our hormones and cells aren't working together. If our cellular levels are not normal or something is wrong with the levels, disease and disorders such as diabetes, depression, inflammation, and even blood clots could occur.


How does Cell Physiology apply to Occupational Therapy?
If we saw a patient with Diabetes we would address Skin care, Medication Management, Nutrition, and possibly exercise. If we were addressing skin care we would discuss different ways to position self so you wouldnt have skin breakdown and how to keep areas clean to prevent infection. If they were having issues with medication we would give them equipment such as alarms to remind them when to take their medication and a pill box to seperate and label the dates and times to take them. We would discuss proper eating habits and try different exercises to increase the patients health.
If we were addressing Depression we would discuss Stress Management, Emotional Regulation Skills, Medication Management and Leisure Activities. When addressing Stress Management we would discuss different ways to cope with stressful situations and how to control emotions. Medication Management would be handled in the same way as Diabetes. We would discuss the importance of taking medication as prescribed. We would also discuss Leisure Activities and how to get invovled in activities they enjoy. These activities could take place at home or in the community.
If we had a patient that had Blood Clots we would stress the importance of not moving the patient while in our care! This could cause a stroke or death if the clot broke loose. We would most likely discuss Medication Management with this patient. It is important to take their blood thinners if they were prescribed.

Sources that may be helpful for understanding Cell Physiology:
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